University of Phoenix Scam Why have for-profit colleges

University of Phoenix Scam Why have for-profit colleges been within the news lately? what’s the controversy?
A number of faculties within the for-profit sector are accused of worsening the economic state of the people that seek their help to beat poverty. Its students suffer severely high student-loan default rates and low graduation rates. the faculties are accused by students and politicians like Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), chairman of the Senate education committee, of misleading applicants. They blame with their use of deceptive marketing tactics like refusing to disclose the entire tuition cost to prospective students, lying about accreditation and transferability of credits, promising jobs that pay extravagant salaries upon graduation and not accurately disclosing graduation rates. a number of these schools also are accused of maximizing profits by eliminating or minimally-funding valuable school services and activities for its students like sports teams and clubs.
Conversely, there are students, investors and politicians who say the faculties are vital to our system of education. They think that for profit colleges leave competition, a necessary component for products to enhance and for economic efficiencies to develop. In their opinion education within the us needs an overhaul, and therefore the emergence of for-profit colleges can force the positive changes needed to form education within the us more competitive within the global market.

The University of Phoenix is now on the list of the for-profit university to get into trouble in recent years. University of Phoenix lawsuit and complaints are on the spot right now and need prompt attention. The university faces some claims on false advertising, inflated graduation rates, etc. There are also other issues like the former students are being crushed by massive student loan debt which the University of Phoenix impacted.  Due to student loans, as many people don’t buy a home or even delay to marry for a while. At the same time, they are trying to reduce personal expenses, move to cheaper homes, cannot afford to retire within the statutory period.

University of Phoenix scams

Students are noticeably different from graduates ten years ago with their financial carelessness. Previously, the students were open to the world. They could get employed without any problems, pay off their debts, buy real estate in a few years (on credit, of course). Today’s graduates turn back and realize that in just a few years they have driven themselves into huge debts, which will be very difficult to settle accounts with.

Brief Information about Phoenix University

The University of Phoenix is a private university founded in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. There are more than 200 campuses, the university trains about 300,000 students. The university offers associate, bachelor and master’s degrees in accounting, e-commerce, marketing, management, information technology, and nursing.

Also, students have access to doctoral programs in the fields of arts and sciences, business and management, criminal justice and security, pedagogy, community services, nursing care and health care, psychology, and technology.

Along with many advantages, complaints also exist that we will give comprehensive information below and how to get rid of your huge student loan debts. Now we will investigate below the topic about what is the University of Phoenix lawsuit and the ways to eliminate it. Because the best way to get rid of the problem is to be enough informed on the issue than to seek ways.


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